Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Nobody wants to read about love.

Most of you reading this know I wrote a blog about happiness. Happy Regardless.

Google happy regardless and it will come up first. Yeah. Of the 191,000,000 results for happiness, Google lists my blog as #1 on their search engine. (They wrote and congratulated me the day my blog hit #1...) This may be the result of tens of thousands of hits from all over the world in a year's time. Or, it may be that all those search entries for "how to be happy regardless of your circumstances" pointed searching souls in my blog's direction. Either way, it was well read.

But here's an interesting thing: I am writing about love -- the essence of life, something we all want and need -- and nobody is reading it. ??

I have a theory about this...


Pain. Vulnerability. Loss.

I think we're afraid of love.

I came across a TED talk a week or so ago. Brene Brown studies human connection and shares a poignant and humorous look at The Power of Vulnerability.

Basically she says that for real connection to happen between two people, you have to be vulnerable. Do yourself a favor and listen. It's wonderful.

I want to write about love. I want to write about how to see it more often in our lives, how to feel it with more abandon, and how to be open to it. I want to write about how to embrace the joy AND the pain and learn through the experience that it's all part of the process. And part of being human. And that it's Ok to feel pain. Because pain is the only way to know joy.

Is it true that nobody wants to read about love?

I guess we'll see...

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Please. :-)


  1. i linked your blog to my family blogroll! please keep writing about LOVE! love ya ♥

  2. Well, I am still here...reading. And reading happy regardless...although right now that doesn't seem really possible. I don't know how to find happy...regardless...of some of the things that we are asked to endure. I suppose endure...and hindsight and healing will come. Just wanted to say I am glad you are back, and happy...regardless.

    Love you.